LSK defending CJ Maraga

Kenya: LSK defends CJ Maraga in Executive, Judiciary row

The Law Society of Kenya has defended Chief Justice David Maraga over his recent address, dismissing claims that his sentiments were personal and an outburst against the President.

The society’s president Nelson Havi on Wednesday said Maraga’s sentiments were a lamentation as a result of frustrations by the Executive.

Havi said the issues raised by Maraga are of great concern both to the Judiciary and lawyers.

He was speaking on Wednesday night during a television interview on Citizen TV’s JKL show.

He further dismissed claims that Maraga and Attorney General Kihara Kariuki might be having personal wars that they have not settled for years.

Kariuki at one point unsuccessfully applied for the CJ position, which Maraga eventually won.

Kariuki was later appointed as the president of the Appeals Court before he resigned after being appointed as the Attorney General by Uhuru.

“The two gentlemen are the best of friends and classmates. They have come a long way. There is no reason why they should have unsettled scores,” Havi said.

The AG said the President cannot be expected to defend and uphold the law and at the same time be pressured to appoint to office individuals against whom competent state organs have cast aspersions concerning their integrity.

The AG accused the Supreme Court president of executing “an attempt to gloss over case backlogs that the Judiciary has suffered, and especially under his leadership”.

The Executive said the CJ is to blame for the inadequacies of the judicial system, adding he needs to respect that the government is one entity.

“All its arms and levels were constituted by the people of Kenya to serve them and deliver the public good. The people deserve wise and effective leadership that builds synergies and prioritises service over self,” Kariuki said.