Kenya: Rapper Fena Gitu Slams Kenyan Artistes For Failing To Support Each Other

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:14 pm

Renowned female rapper Fena Gitu has taken to twitter to plead with fellow Kenyan artists to lead by example and support each other in their various arts.
The rapper’s outcry comes a few days after a handful of artists showed up for Elani’s listening party on 30 October.
Fena says artists not showing up for each other has become common since only four of them showed up for her ‘Unleashed’ album launch few months ago.
“Kenyan artists barely show up for fellow artists. There were like four artists (one who is my best friend so it doesn’t count) at my listening party, and a handful last night @elanimuziki’s listening party. Na tunataka fans watusupport. Anyway, album ni ya mafans, ama?” she wrote.
Responding to Fena’s tweet, Juliani agreed with Fena’s point, adding that instead of assuming other artists would keep tabs on each other’s lives, they need to communicate their events early.

“I agree with you Fena, kwa sana. Though I learnt that I shouldn’t assume people are aware of what I am up to. Pia hao maybe wako caught up kwa world yao so a call, a text, a WhatsApp or an email to alert them might help,” wrote Juliani.

Despite underrepresentation from fellow musicians, Elani’s fans showed up in large numbers to support their new album, ‘Colours of Love’.
According to the trio, their new album represents the different phases of love where two people meet and fall in love therefore giving it the name ‘Colours of Love.’
“Yellow represents the phase where the two meet and are realizing each other, Red; they fall in love, Grey represents their first fight; Black they break up and finally white where they find their way back to each other find hope in love again,” explained Maureen, one o the group members.