Kenyan-Born Man Handed Prison Term For Killing US Policeman

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:13 pm

A Kenyan-born man has been handed a five- to seven-year prison term after he was convicted of killing Massachusetts policeman Thomas Clardy in March 2016.

Local media reports indicate that David Njuguna, 33, was sentenced after “an emotional” series of impact statements from Clardy’s wife, children, sister and mother.

The state trooper’s wife, Reisa Clardy, termed her husband’s death as “truly overwhelming” for the family.

“Because of a selfish and senseless act, his life was cut short,” Ms Clardy said of her husband, adding: “Our stability, our normalcy, our peace of mind, our strength is no longer here.”

In her sentencing, Judge Janet Kenton-Walker told Clardy’s family: “I cannot bring you comfort, I cannot bring you peace, I cannot take the day away, I cannot make it right.”

According to, the judge said her sentence offered “some retribution and some thoughts about rehabilitation”.