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Key Roads in Mogadishu Closed Today

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:00 am

Some of the main roads in Mogadishu are closed today, for reasons the government has not yet announced. Residents of Mogadishu woke up this morning to find some of the city’s roads closed, with troops and military vehicles at checkpoints.

According to reports, the main roads in the city are being blocked by the army. Road closures hamper the flow of people and businesses.

Although it is a working day on Saturday, it is not known why the roads were closed today, there was talk of a conference starting in Mogadishu between the Federal Government of Somalia and the regional governments to close the roads.

The government has not commented on why key roads have been closed despite security concerns in the city. This is a testament to how the late Farmajo government has been creating obstacles for no apparent reason.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council on Friday extended the mandate of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), calling on Somali leaders to hold free and fair elections. In a statement, they said there was no need for the election to be postponed again.

The United Nations Security Council has called on the Somali parties to resolve their differences and hold elections as soon as possible.

A meeting between the federal government and state governments is expected to begin this week in Mogadishu to finalize the September 17 election agreement. However this article focuses on the illegitimate president Farmajo as he is reluctant to hold an election. This reinforces the need for re-election but Farmajo and his illegitimate government are facing a major political challenge