Tax obligation

KRA urges Kenyans to file their returns

The Kenya Revenue Authority has urged Kenyans to file their 2019 annual tax returns before the June 30 deadline, the coronavirus pandemic notwithstanding.

“As we continue to stay at home so as to avert the spread of Covid-19, it is an opportune time to reflect on the past year of income (2019) and file our tax returns on or before the deadline on June 30, 2020,” said Elizabeth Meyo, Commissioner of Domestic Taxes at KRA.

The tax collector said that the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted business continuity and, in the process most operations have been migrated to virtual platforms to ensure business continuity.

In this light, KRA said it has enhanced the iTax system based on user reviews resulting in improved and better customer experience.

Tax returns filing for persons with employment as the only source of income has now been simplified into a few steps.

This category of taxpayers can now file their tax returns using the auto-populated function on iTax where essential details required are pension contribution, mortgage interest, and Home Ownership Savings Plan.

Other details required are insurance relief, and where applicable exemption certificate for persons living with a disability, and personal relief.

PIN holders who did not have any income during the 2019 year of income are expected to file a nil return.

The process has further been simplified for nil filers as they can now submit a nil return using the iTax mobile application available on Google Play Store.

KRA said it is in the process of enhancing this application to accommodate other iTax operations for a better user experience.

The pandemic has hit the country at a time when the annual tax returns filing exercise starts to gather momentum.

In the wake of the Covid-19 scourge, which has struck during the current filing season, KRA has put in place a raft of measures to ensure the effective facilitation of taxpayers who may need a virtual assistance in returns filing.

There is a call centre team on standby to assist taxpayers who might need guidance at one stage or the other.