Missing Kenyan police officer found dead in mysterious circumstances

The body of a Kenyan Police Officer, Hesbon Okemwa Anunda, who went missing a week ago, was late Saturday found at a thicket in the coastal island of Lamu, with head and hand chopped off, while investigations have been launched to establish the cause of his death.
Police Constable, Hesbon Anunda, went missing on Oct. 2 from Kizingitini Police Station.
His G3 rifle, which had 60 bullets was, however, found missing when the body was found.
Government officials said more than 40 police officers have died this year while combating terrorism and urban crime.
Hilary Mutyambai, Inspector General of Police, said the government has put in place elaborate measures to curb deaths of security personnel while in the line of duty.
“We have prioritised safety measures for our police officers while on duty amid threats like terrorism, violent crime and banditry,’’ said Mutyambai.
He said that Somalia based Al-Shabaab militants continue to pose grave security threats in the northeastern and the coastal region.
Besides, human trafficking has emerged as a threat to Kenya’s public security.