Mobile testing for COVID-19 in South Africa

South Africans queued outside a clinic in Johannesburg Friday to get tested for the coronavirus.

With increasing number of cases in th country, the government is stepping up ability for testing.

“I came to the clinic to do my BP (Blood Pressure) test because I am a hypertension patient. I saw people outside getting tested for coronavirus so I’d also like to get tested to know my status, if I’m okay or not”, Sharnie Matthews, a patient at the clinic said.

The mobile sampling and testing units were launched by South Africa’s health minister on Wednesday. The facilities will be deployed across the country to test people within their communities.

An initiative by the government is supplying residents of informal settlements in Alexandra with hand sanitizers.

“I’ve got hope, after receiving the sanitizer I felt that my chances of being infected with the virus are very minimal. And I’m very grateful for the sanitizer”, Alexandra resident, Ayanda Ntsimbi said.

More than 1,400 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in this Southern African nation with 5 fatalities. South Africa is observing a 21-day nationwide lockdown to curtail spread of the virus.