move afrika initiative in music industry

Move Afrika: Groundbreaking Initiative Seeking To Revolutionise The Music Industry

Global Citizen, the advocacy organisation known for staging charity concerts around the world, and Los Angeles-based pgLang, founded by Dave Free and Kendrick Lamar – who recently collaborated with Taylor Swift, have announced Move Afrika, a new touring circuit in Africa.

The initiative is a long-term, large-scale effort to showcase the best of African music to the world, drive transformative investments within local communities, engage local artists, vendors, agencies and crews, and offer opportunities for on-the-job skill development and training.

Move Afrika Addressing Inequities In The World

Lamar is set to take the stage at Kigali, Rwanda, on December 6 to kickstart the initiative. The African country will host Move Afrika every year for the next five years. Additional countries will be added to the tour schedule, with the goal of expanding to five countries by 2025.

Global Citizen plans to address inequities in Africa by creating job and entrepreneurship opportunities for the emerging generations. It has a long history of hosting successful events across Africa, including Global Citizen Festival: Accra and Global Citizen Live: Lagos.

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Move Afrika has the potential to revolutionise the music industry on the continent. By providing a platform for African artists to perform and connect with fans from around the world, the initiative will offer African music and culture an international stage.

Rwanda’s Economy And Political Landscape In Focus

The organisers also hope to draw attention to social issues that affect Africa, including finding funding for health, addressing climate change and how it affects food availability, helping raise prospects of employment for younger generations and encouraging civic participation.

The decision to host the event in Rwanda shows prosperity in the region, which decades back was infamous for genocidal violence. Now, it’s known for a booming economy, with The New York Times recently highlighting Rwanda has the highest number of female parliamentarians.