mozambique president nyusi calls out renamo junta in northern province to surrender

Mozambique President Nyusi calls out Renamo Junta in northern province to surrender

Terrorists operating in the northern province of Cabo Delgado of Mozambique have been urged by President Filipe Nyusi to surrender to the authorities. President Nyusi stressed on Monday that terrorists must forfeit as they have “nowhere to go”. He said this while speaking to media in Maputo after he visited the Monument to the Mozambique Heroes marking the 29th anniversary of the 1992 peace deal between the government and Renamo rebels. The peace agreement had ended the war of destabilization in Mozambique.

“We are sure that leaders of these groups are on the run and may even have left the country,” Nyusi said while talking to the media. “We want to urge them not to wait alone to be pursued until they are killed”, Nyusi added. “That is not the intention of the defense and security forces. They should surrender, in an orderly fashion.” Nyusi has urged Mariano Nhongo, self-styled Renamo Military Junta’s leader to surrender and join the ongoing demobilization of the Renamo militia.

The rebels and their leaders are pursued by the defense and security forces of Mozambique and allies from the Standby Force of SADC (Southern African Development Community) and Rwanda. They have also been pushed out from main bases called Siri-1 and Siri-2.

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In mid of 2019, the Renamo Military Junta had separated from the Renamo group. Junta leader Nhongo had openly denounced the leader of Renamo rebels Ossufo Momade and unilaterally declared him a “traitor”. Junta, under Nhongo’s leadership, carried out series of ambushes on the main streets of the central provinces of Sofala and Manica throughout the year 2020.

But this year since January only one attack has been carried out by the Junta. Many of Nhongo’s close aides have surrendered to the authorities of Mozambique along with other Junta leaders. Urging Nhongo to surrender, President Nyusi has assured that if the Junta leader comes forward to surrender, he will not be harmed, but will instead be demobilized after which he can decide where he wants to live and thereafter organize the new course of his life.