Netflix is betting on boosting growth in Africa with mobile-only subscriptions

Netflix is hoping on boosting growth in Africa with mobile-only subscriptions

When Netflix first launched in Africa in 2016, early predictions suggested it was likely run into unique problems it had not faced elsewhere, from users’ spotty internet connectivity to questions over its pricing.

Five years later, the streaming giant is starting to tweak its Africa playbook by adapting to local market realities on the continent. Netflix has been testing cheaper, mobile-only subscription plans among users on the continent with a view to a mass rollout.

The new “Mobile” and “Mobile+” plans are priced much lower than Netflix’s current Basic, Standard and Premium plans while limiting users’ flexibility. For instance, the Mobile plan will only allow users a simultaneous stream on a smartphone and tablet while the Mobile+ plan includes the option of watching on a laptop.

After first being tested in Egypt in 2018 and South Africa in 2019, the mobile-only plans are now being tested more broadly across the continent. Nigeria, Africa’s largest internet market, particularly holds promise for Netflix as it will be home to over 100 million mobile internet by 2025.