//NEWS: Bobi Wine Remains Under House Arrest In Uganda

NEWS: Bobi Wine Remains Under House Arrest In Uganda

There has been series of report about the Bobi Wine being under house arrest in Uganda, the arrest of Bobi Wine was a house arrest. Military men are in Bobi Wine’s house premises just to keep an eye on Bobi Wine. Bobi Wine has called for his immediate release and wife.

On Monday, his legal counselors attempted to gain admittance to the legislator. Be that as it may, they were ineffective as police detail their quality at his home.

“We realize that his house isn’t a confinement place, and we realize that it’s a private property, so we will attempt to perceive how we can get to it”, George Musisi, Lawyer at Pace Advocates said.

Bobi Wine’s representative Joel Ssenyonyi looks disappointed.

“They are simply here like life sized models – they can’t converse with you, they can’t state a thing, which is upsetting, yet our attorneys will tell you how we will continue on these issues”, Ssenyonyi said.