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NEWS: Burkinabé Eager To Vote On Sunday

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:14 am

As the forthcoming elections coming up on Sunday approaches, the question on everyone’s mind is who’s going to win the elections? President Kaboré is seeking re-election for the presidential position, there’s been massive campaign by President Kaboré.

Truly, the mission all in all, it was uncommon. In the event that I may say as much, it’s the first occasion when we’ve seen that there was reasonable play. We felt there was reasonable play.

Tarpilga said it is significant for inhabitants to decide on Sunday in the event that they long for change.

“We persuaded individuals to cast a ballot since we need change. For the individuals who need change, they need to cast a ballot. For the individuals who need the resistance as well, they need to cast a ballot.

Resistance members in Burkina Faso aren’t United enough to pick a joint candidate that will represent them in the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. President Kaboré remains the favourite candidate to win the election.