NEWS: Communication Consultant From Kenya Comments On US Elections

Renowned Cartoonist Patrick Gathara, has weighed in on the presidential election in the US using the man’s of aggravating illustration that might annoy a lot of people. Asides being a cartoonist, Gathara is also a communication consultant, he also has great insight on political issue.

Gathara clarifies his imaginative goals, “As a political visual artist, you need individuals to discover your drawings interesting. In any case, it isn’t simply amusing ‘haha’ it is parody that should make them consider the things that they see, to address how the world is requested and to begin envisioning various methods of being, various methods of getting sorted out.”

The US presidential election has been the topic of discussion across the world, Patrick Gathara didn’t fail to share his views and opinion on the hot topic. Gathara said it is so important to for democracy to prevail in the outcome of the presidential election, which as kept the whole world waiting.