NEWS: Court sentences Two Setenced To Death For Terror Attacks In Mali

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:17 am

A court in Mali has sentenced two individual to death for their involvement in the 2015 terrorist attack in Bamako, Mali.

Fawaz Ould Ahmed and his co-respondent Sadou Chaka were sentenced following two days of hearings.

“The court sees you as blameworthy of the realities you are blamed for and doesn’t concede you any moderating conditions,” said the top of the Bamako Criminal Court, Souley Maiga.

Ould Ahmed admitted to assaulting a club in the capital Bamako in 2015, executing five individuals, in retribution for sketch of the Prophet Muhammad distributed by France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine.

“We are the ones who completed it: Al-Mourabitoune,” said Ould Ahmed, who is otherwise called “Ibrahim 10”, alluding to a noticeable furnished gathering in the Sahel.

There has been series of terrorist attack in the Mali in the time past. Mali has been in series of pandemonium in regards security due to the Mali Junta coup which ECOWAS has had to intervene.