NEWS: Government Authorities Gives Directive On Coronavirus Burials In Zimbabwe

The government authorities in Zimbabwea has annouced that coronavirus fatalities should be properly laid to rest, they have further given the procedure how the fatalities should be laid to rest. This move is to reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

I don’t think dead bodies are destructive in light of the fact that it’s simply taking the body and covering it. I figure the lone thing they should boycott perhaps its survey, if it’s infectious possibly seeing yes yet moving the body that is in a coffin.

A nearby occupant Kepe said ”It’s simply similar to incineration and this likewise is crude in light of the fact that the withdrew ought to be covered where they were brought up. We just went to the city to work and search for cash and we get covered were our progenitors live.”

It is muddled whether all bodies will presently be treated as COVID-19 cases. Coronavirus contaminations has so far guaranteed 507 lives in Zimbabwe.