Leader of the opposition in the Tanzanian presidential race cries sabotage

NEWS: Leader of the opposition in Tanzanian presidential race cries sabotage

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:31 am

Only simply lower back in Tanzania after a three-year scientific stay in Belgium following an assassination attempt, presidential candidate hopeful and one of the foremost opposition leaders to the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi party, Tundu Lisso, is fired up and calling for his supporters to rally for the sake of the country, “In the previous 5 years when you consider that Magufuli got here into power, our relationship with different nations has been ruined.”

Lisso disclosed that about 1,020 Chadema councillorship aspirants have been disqualified out of 3,754 candidates who had been in the race in 3,955 wards in mainland Tanzania. He also asserted that 53 candidates for parliamentary seats have been eliminated from election participation out of 244 hopefuls authorized to contest the October 28 elections.

“They have been eradicated even earlier than the election whistle has been blown.

Candidate disqualification has been achieved unjustifiably against prison tactics and rules,” he said passionately to his dedicated supporters at some stage in his public address at his maiden rally at Zakhem grounds in Dar es Salaam remaining Friday.

He added, “In Zanzibar, as the chairman said, the opposition political birthday celebration ACT-Wazalendo has suffered a comparable blow where a whole of 47 candidates such as sixteen from Pemba have been disqualified.”