Mass grave site in Sudan

NEWS: Mass grave discovered east of Sudan’s capital Khartoum

Sudan’s public prosecutor Taj Al-Sir Ali Al-Hebr on Monday announced the discovery of a mass grave east of the capital Khartoum.

“Investigations have reached advanced stages and the file will be put before the judiciary within two or three weeks,” he told reporters.

He added that the grave contains remains of recruits allegedly killed in 1998.

In 1998, security forces reportedly opened fire at some recruits who were trying to flee an obligatory recruitment training camp to spend Idd-al-Adha with their families after the authorities refused to grant them leave.

According to media reports then, around 200 recruits were killed, most of them drowned in River Nile near the Ailafoon camp, east of Khartoum.

In January, the public prosecutor formed an investigation committee over the incident of Ailafoon camp.

The committee received testimonies from witnesses and families of the victims.