//NEWS: Mauritius sees the biggest protest over oil spills in 40 years

NEWS: Mauritius sees the biggest protest over oil spills in 40 years

Mauritians took to the streets of Mahébourg for the second time in a month on Saturday in frustration over the perceived government mishandling of the devastating oil spills brought on from the 1000-tonne fuel-carrying Japanese Wakashio — which was once shipwrecked in the waters off the southeast coast of the island in July therefore placing the nation in a nation of environmental emergency.

A crowd of an estimated 25,000 flag-waving and face-painted demonstrators referred to as for the resignation of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth and his government.

This was the greatest predominant rally that the island has seen in forty years and the second in a month over the worst environmental crisis in the country’s history. Organisers of the monks declare that the quantity of members is double what is being mentioned in the media.

Many Mauritians demand that officials unravel the ecological catastrophe hence for the sake of future generations in a united states of america whose economy depends heavily on these- now contaminated waters, for ecotourism and fishing.

The spill has inflicted untold harm on the Indian Ocean archipelago of 1.3 million people.