Northern Cameroon Under Water

NEWS: Northern Cameroon Under Flood

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:25 am

Over 1,500 households in Northern Cameroon have been displaced as overwhelming floods – from heavy rainfall in the town of Maroua the remaining few days, have destroyed their homes, washed away cattle and devastated plantations.

The established embankment alongside the Logone River has additionally given out and even bridges have collapsed, leaving the inhabitants despondent.

Ibrahim Sala, a sufferer of the flood, shared his concerns, “We’re dropping people, animals, onions, grain, the chickens, everything.

The floods simply take everything. We are left with nothing here in Merem.”

Another nearby victim, Issa Nassifou, called out those in cost to come to the useful resource of the people, “Today, we ask the public authorities to assist the population of Merem, which is underwater and flooded. We even have displaced people, some of them have been resettled in Youma, Congeleo, Wideo, even in Kairoum.”

More heavy rains are expected to the fall in the equal vicinity this week.

Last year, greater than 20,000 humans had to abandon their homes. According to the authorities, a total of greater than 40,000 human beings were affected.