NEWS: Over six children Murdered By Gunmen In Cameroon

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:18 am

At least six children has been brutally murdered in Cameroon, this happened due to Gunmen invading the school in koumba and violently murdering school kids.

Fransisca International Bi-lingual Academy was the casualty of the assault.

Television pictures indicated a blood recolored floor in a room covered with study hall furniture.

An observer, an understudy at the school – told africanews that he had discharges before hurrying to cover up.

“We were having the French language exercise when we heard discharges. The instructor was the first to get away and I heard individuals yelling. At the point when I returned to check, I saw dead bodies in the essential [school] segment,” said the understudy whose character we’re saving for his own wellbeing.

This is not the first time that violence erupted in the country, as far back as 2017 thousands of people were murdered brutally.