Tanzania to hold October 28 presidential, local elections

NEWS: Tanzania set to hold elections on October 28

Tanzanians will go to the polls to vote in presidential and local elections on October 28, the electoral commission has announced.

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) Chairman Semistockles Kaijage also announced in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday that campaigns for each the presidential and parliamentary elections will run for two months, ending on the eve of the 2020 regularly occurring election.

“Election campaigns will formally begin on August 26 to October 27 this year… The normal election will be held on Wednesday, October 28,” said Mr Kaijage.

The election will for the first time be held on a weekday after faith-based enterprises referred to as for the trade of day to enable room for worship activities at the weekend.

Traditionally, Tanzanians vote on the closing Sunday of October each and every 5 years, which falls on October 25 this year.

According to the election timetable, nominations for presidential candidates and their jogging mates will be held on August 25.