NEWS: Tanzania’s Resistance Mourns Dangers And Terrorizing In Front Of Vote

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:18 am

Oppositions of the ruling party and president Magufuli has joined forces to demand a sincerity in the forthcoming election, this is due to series of report saying the authorities in the country are planning to instigate violence in the polls.

Hamad is competing for the administration of Zanzibar, a semi-autonmous archipelago governed by Dar-es-salaam.

However, Zanzibar, similarly as territory Tanzania has been antagonistic ground for the resistance. Not long before Hamad’s assembly, the gathering’s central campaigner on the island disappeared before reappearing on Sunday evening.

Nassor Ahmed Mazrui was supposedly snatched by obscure individuals who held him hostage for five hours.

Opposition and the ruling party are at logger heads over the leadership of Tanzania, President Magufuli’s party has been power since the country’s Independence. Magufuli came to in 2015.