Tunisia Cabinet Gains confidence vote in the parliament

NEWS: Tunisia Cabinet Gains confidence vote in the parliament

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:31 am

Tunisia’s parliament has granted its vote of self assurance to the new cabinet led by way of Prime Minister-designate Hichem Mechichi.

A complete of 134 deputies voted in choose of forming the cupboard in a vote in parliament which lasted greater than 14 hours.

The cupboard would be the 1/3 Tunisia has viewed considering that October and the ninth given that the revolution that brought down the North African autocratic regime in 2011 and precipitated Arab Spring uprisings across the region.

The parliament voted down a preceding top minister-designate earlier this yr after a marathon debate.

Prime MInister Designate Hichem Mechichi’s Speech During his speech to parliament, Mechichi mentioned lowering tax evasion and assisting institutions affected with the aid of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mechichi, 46, is a former interior minister and attorney who studied in Tunisia and France.

He proposed a government with 25 ministers and three secretaries of state that includes seven girls and a blind man.

If the authorities had been rejected, the president Kais Saied would have been obliged to dissolve parliament and name a new election but this simply has been averted by the self assurance vote.

Mechichi, was now not nominated by way of any party however President Saied appointed him as premier final month after Elyes Fakhfakh resigned from the put up over allegations of a combat of interest.

Mechichi’s cupboard take an oath in the front of President Kais Saied later this week.