nigeria celebrates its independence amid hardships

Nigeria Celebrates its Independence amid Hardships.

 Nigeria Nigeria – Despite mounting security difficulties and a depreciated currency, Nigeria celebrated its 61st Independence Day on Friday in Abuja. President Muhammadu Buhari remarked in a televised address that the prior 18 months had been “some of the most challenging moments in Nigeria’s history since the civil war.”

 In recent months, the country has seen an increase in deadly attacks on local communities in remote villages, as well as an increase in kidnapping for ransom, which has continued in a cycle of violence that has defied authorities’ efforts to restore peace, including the deployment of thousands of security operatives.

 “We will continue to work on dialogue-based solutions to resolve legitimate issues,” Buhari said. One Abuja resident told The Associated Press that the country had “not been able to make so much progress” because of “chronic corruption,” but that “the new breed of leadership” may have helped the country go forward.

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 Wike stated that the existence of Nigeria may be the only thing Nigerians should rejoice over, adding, “At 61, Nigeria is in disorder, full of antagonism, divides, hatred, and ethnicity.”

 “Despite its enormous resources, Nigeria is still a long way from being a country that can compete favorably with other countries around the globe. We are unable to carry out the necessary actions. At a time when other countries are talking about fair elections, we’re talking about how to rig elections in 2023, as seen by the denial of electronic results transmission,” he said.

 Reverend Wisdom Ihunwo, Bishop of the Niger Delta North Diocese, said in the sermon that only fools disdain God and ascribe their success in life to their own efforts and creativity.

 Such people, according to Ihunwo, exist in Nigeria because they have corrupt hearts, treat mankind with contempt, delight in committing heinous acts, and divert public cash. He bemoaned the fact that, despite having leadership in the country, shootings, kidnappings, and banditry had persisted uninterrupted to the point where some military commanders had been killed, with no extreme measures taken to restore Nigeria’s stability.