Niger’s exiled opposition chief back in jail after return home

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:13 pm

Hama Amadou, the main opposition leader in Niger’s last presidential election recently returned from medical exile in France but has since hauled into jail.
Multiple news portals said the former Speaker of the National Assembly, appeared before the Niger High Court after he was summoned on his return. He was escorted by security official to the Filingue prison, a local outlet Niger Tribune reported.
Amadou’s return to the country was mainly due to the death of his mother. He was pictured with other allies visiting the tomb of his mother in the capital Niamey.
Hama Amadou, was held in jail for several months before the 2016 presidential vote on charges of baby trafficking, accusations that he dismissed as politically motivated. He was president Issoufou’s main challenger in the vote.
Amadou was released from jail to fly to France for medical treatment. He came second in the vote despite being absent from the country.
President Mahammadou Issoufou has confirmed that he will step down when next elections are help in 2021. The ruling coalition earlier this year chose Interior Minister Bazoum Mohammed as its candidate.
The Minister was among several dignitaries who met with Amadou since his return from exile to the West African nation. A new electoral code passed last year bars him from contesting for the presidency.