Outrage floods Twitter as Mzansi responds to Tazne van Wyk’s death

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:03 pm

Social media is reeling after the discovery of 8-year-old Tazne van Wyk’s body after almost two weeks of searching for the missing child.

Van Wyk was last seen on February 7 when she left her Elsies River home to buy an ice lolly at a nearby shop.

A 54-year-old suspect was the last person seen by witnesses with the child.

He was interviewed by police on Wednesday and led them to a storm water pipe in Worcester where Van Wyke’s body was found.

On Friday community members protested at the Goodwood magistrate’s court where the suspect, Moydine Pangarker, is appearing. They chanted, “we want justice”, as they forced their way into the premises.

Some protesters carried placards with Van Wyk’s pictures and messages against gender-based violence.