Polish-Sudanese political consultations in Warsaw

Sudan is one of Poland’s key partners in Africa, and our bilateral relations have flourished in recent years. We applaud the process of significant peaceful transition in Sudan that was launched in 2019,” Deputy Foreign Minister Maciej Lang said during today’s meeting with his Sudanese counterpart, State Minister in Sudan’s foreign office, Omer G. Ismail.

The officials talked about major issues regarding the political, economic and trade, development, cultural and scientific cooperation. Deputy Minister Lang stressed that Poland supports the international community’s efforts to promote political and economic stability in Sudan. Important topics concerning regional security and global agenda were also discussed, also in the context Poland’s non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council and both countries’ bilateral cooperation in the Human Rights Council, which they recently joined. “Poland is willing to share its experiences from peaceful transition. We welcome Sudan’s efforts to ensure stability in the region. We are very much interested in bringing peace and security to the Horn of Africa,” said Deputy Minister Lang.

Minister Ismail said he was confident that Sudan’s revolutionary transition would give a new impetus to the development of cooperation between Poland and Sudan, as the two countries have always been on friendly terms. He also praised the long-term Polish-Sudanese collaboration in archeology.