Politics: Opposition Cries Fraud In Guinea Elections

Opposition groups in Guinea has said there’s a possible Elections malpractice in the just concluded presidential election. The group claim there might be a possible this term regime for Alpha Conde due election irregularities.

In the interim, the principle challenger Cellou Dalein Diallo, who had guaranteed triumph Monday. excused it as fake.

Festivities in Conakry of Diallo’s self-declared triumph immediately slid into fierce conflicts with security powers, in which a few youths were shot dead, resistance authorities said.

Since his public self-broadcasted triumph, Meanwhile in an appearing reaction to Diallo’s self-announced win, security powers wearing uproar gear encompassed Diallo’s home in the capital in what could give off an impression of being the administration’s reaction.

Opposition groups particularly that of Cellou Dalein Diallo, who’s a long term opposition of Alpha Conde has been agitated that there might have been a possible rigging of elections last Sunday, but Diallo remains hopeful that he would be victorious.