President Mnangagwa: Zimbabwe Will Not Bend the Law to Please the Opposition & America

President Mnangagwa has said that law is being applied impartially in Zimbabwe, with neither fear nor favour.

Addressing Japan’s media organisations on the sidelines of the three-day Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) summit on Wednesday, Mnangagwa said:

We apply the rule of law, those who commit crime, the law must apply. You cannot have double standards where the rule of law is concerned. If people funded by the Americans commit crimes, we should not touch them? No! Zimbabwe is a unitary state and our laws apply to every citizen, whether you are in the opposition or you are in Government or you don’t belong to any political party at all.

If you commit murder you get arrested, if you commit corruption you get arrested, any violent act you get arrested. That is the rule of law which we observe.

He said that there was no instance at which the government acted outside the laws of the land. He even invited reporters to mention a single incident at which the government went ultra vires the laws.

Mnangagwa’s remarks come when the opposition MDC has criticised the government for selective application of the law.

The MDC complains that its members are being arrested for “unclear”, “ridiculous” and “trumped-up” charges whilst “known corrupt and murderers” belonging to ZANU PF are dining with law enforcers.