Putin Pledges To Continue Sending Aid To Africa

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:18 pm

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said his country will always help Africa with aid to solve some of its humanitarian issues. He said these remarks ahead of the 2019 Russia Africa Summit to be held in Sochi on Wednesday and Thursday.

Said the Russian Boss:

We continue to take an active part in efforts to provide comprehensive assistance to Africa. Russia is involved in the UN World Food Programme’s school meals project valued at US$40 million, which has been implemented in Mozambique since October 2017, and in the project to introduce modern technology and equipment for disinfection worth up to $15 million in Madagascar.

Cyclone Idai ravaged parts of Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi in March this year and killed close to 1000 people and displaced thousands of others.