Qatar Sources Get Pulled Up,Terrorism,Financing In London Court

Qatar Sources Get Pulled Up Over Terrorism Financing In London Court Again

Qatar that has been in the helm for human rights abuse is also being pulled up for money laundering operations of having funded hundreds and millions of dollars to jihadists in Syria

The smaller Arabic country has been known to have used its richness to fund and support terrorists outfits for decades. Apparently, a London source has claimed that private office there of Qatar’s monarch has been at the heart of covert routes by which money was being transferred to an Al-Qaeda affiliate, the Nusra Front.

Known to be the local Al-Qaeda, the Al-Nusra Front or Jabhat al-Nusra functioned only in Syria or the Levant. It is a Salafist jihadist organization that has been fighting against Syrian government forces in the Syrian Civil War. It has the aim of establishing a caliphate in Syria. 

Apparently, complaints were launched by nine Syrians in London. Those involved include two Qatari banks, several charities, wealthy businessmen, leading politicians and civil servants among defendants in a claim for damages. According to reporting done by a premier media publication, The defendants include Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, Qatar’s former prime minister, and Abdulhadi Mana al-Hajri, who apparently owns the famous Ritz hotel in London. Their representatives, and those of every other defendant in the case, strongly denied the accusations.

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Qatar has time and again denied allegations of being involved in money transfer to various sleeper cells in London and Europe working to promote terrorism, essentially through the Al-Qaeda affiliates. 

There have also been secret meetings by the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey, and confirmed activity of money laundering via bloated construction contracts and property prices, as well as overpayments to migrant workers from Syria.

Those that have filed a case against the State said that they had “suffered severe financial losses or torture, arbitrary detention, threats of execution and other forms of persecution committed by Nusra Front.”