Renewable Energy Policy Set for Launch in Zimbabwe

President Mnangagwa will today launch the National Renewable Energy and the Bio-fuels Policies of Zimbabwe in Harare, a move that will create a conducive environment for the development of renewable energy.

The policies seek to promote optimal supply and utilisation of energy for socio-economic development in a safe, sustainable manner.

Government is seeking to prioritise the exploitation of renewable energy and a guideline on its structure.

The main objectives of the launch are to present both policies to key players, forge stronger relationships, showcase renewable energy companies as well as to present the roadmap for strategies.

Renewables offer a solution to the challenges brought about by the use of fossil fuels.

In a statement yesterday, Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy (ECRE) department in the Ministry of Energy and Power Development announced the launch of the policies.

It said that the unveiling of two policies is an initiative to secure the long-term energy needs in a sustainable way.

“The Government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Energy and Power Development has crafted two policies that govern the Renewable Energy Sector of Zimbabwe,” said ECRE.

“These two policies namely the National Renewable Energy Policy and the Bio-Fuels Policy of Zimbabwe are frameworks that focus on the energy needs of the country from renewable energy resources as well as for the production and use of liquid bio-fuels in the transport sector respectively.”

ECRE said the launch of the policies will draw in all energy stakeholders.

“The launch of the policies is a widely spoken and highly-anticipated event that is set to attract players from the energy sector, industry, climate sector, agriculture, local and foreign investors and various other sectors in the country,” it said.

“It is also anticipated that the launching of the two policies will unlock investment into the renewable energy sector of the economy by inspiring confidence in the investors, bankers, project developers and consumers alike.

“It is therefore of paramount importance that the launch be done for the benefit of the country,” it said.