Rwanda records 2,597 arrests for drunk driving in 2019

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:07 pm

At least 2,500 people were arrested in 2019 in Rwanda for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a senior police officer revealed Saturday in Kigali.According to the Commissioner of Police in charge of Traffic and Road Safety department, Rafiki Mujiji, the police has recorded 12,755 traffic violation tickets between Jauary and December last year.
Those tickets were issued for over-speeding, and 30,042 were issued to vehicles that didn’t go for mechanical inspection, the senior police officer said.
Police reports indicate that in 2019 pedestrians top the list of the most affected road users, with a record of 223 fatalities. Motorcyclists and bicyclists follow, with 184 and 130 fatalities, respectively.
Whereas 412 driving tests were conducted, 137,811 driving permits were issued, and 186,636 mechanical inspections were conducted, 309,970 traffic tickets were issued.
Rwanda National Police has put in efforts to curb accidents especially in public transport by installing speed governors in vehicles which limits drivers at 60 kilometre per hour.
Police attribute the growing number of accidents that occurred mainly in upcountry roads to over speeding, reckless driving and drunk driving.