Rwandan Vision 2050

Rwanda’s President urges citizens to look forward to Vision 2050

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:09 pm

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has urged Rwandans to set their sights beyond 2020 to ambitions set out in Vision 2050 as a new development strategy to succeed the outdated “Vision 2020”.In a speech that was broadcast on the state-run Rwanda Television late Tuesday, Kagame said that although the New Year “we are starting is 2020, our vision goes beyond this year”.
“I urge every Rwandan to keep working towards the vision for the next 30 years leading to 2050,” he said.
According to him, the planning and implementation of the new year were divided into two parts of 15 years each.
Commenting on the achievements made in last year, the Rwandan leader noted that 2019 a very good year for us, and if we continue doing the right thing as everyone did in the year we are just ending, 2020 will be even better than 2019″
But in regards to the tasks ahead, the Head of State said that there was a lot in the country’s in-tray which will among other things require close collaboration and learning from mistakes.
Among the major tasks that lie ahead for Rwanda in 2019 include hosting the Commonwealth Heads of State and Governments’ Meeting (CHOGM), implementation of major infrastructure progress, improvement of in sectors such as education and healthcare among others.
Stressing the need to continue towards achieving the goals Rwanda has set ahead, Kagame said that some stragegic sectors to boost economic growth would focus on agriculture and farming, in education, on trade and cooperation with neighbouring countries and those from across the
Among the broad goals of the development plan include achieving an upper-middle income status of $4,000 annual per capita income by 2035 and a high-income status $12,000 annual per capita income by 2050, it said.