Senegal: Thousands Protest Over Macron’s Statement

Citizens of Senegal took to the streets on Sunday to protest, they set ablaze the flags of France, their grievances were the statement France President Emmanuel Macron put out last week. They chanted that the president labeled their religion as a Terrorist group.

Macron injured the entire Muslim world. In the event that the world finds a sense of contentment it’s gratitude to the Muslim religion. I myself disdain Macron,” said demonstrator Youssoupha Sow.

The French President unequivocally safeguarded common qualities a month ago after the French teacher Samuel Paty was killed after he indicated his class drawings of the Prophet Muhammad during a class on free discourse.

Macron said his statement were mis interpretated, he also urge citizens of France to be united as ever so as to conquer the rising rate of terrorism in the world.