#SexForGrades: BBC Africa Open Can of Worms In Some of Africa’s Foremost Universities

The BBC Africa Eye has released a year-long investigation documenting the sexual harassment behaviour of some lecturers at the University of Lagos and the University of Ghana.
In the 13-minute video released by the media house on Monday, Dr Boniface Igbenuhue, a lecturer of the Faculty of Arts in Unilag, the current sub-dean and the head pastor of Four Square Church, was heard in one of the discreetly recorded videos telling an undercover reporter who had disguised as a 17-year-old admission seeker to switch off the light so he could kiss her.
“Switch off that light, I’ll kiss you for a minute,” he said.
Boniface quizzed the undercover journalist about her age and sexual life, things that are totally out of the purview of an academic mentor.
“Everything that we discussed here, be assured that your mother will not hear and anything that happens between me and you, nobody will hear about it,” Boniface told the young undercover journalist.
According to the documentary, before the BBC Africa Eye team commenced investigation on Boniface, scores of students had alleged that Boniface harassed them.
One of the students who was featured in the documentary said Boniface harassed her while she was his students.
The lecturer also revealed, while being discreetly filmed, that lecturers at Unilag had a secluded room at the senior staff club where students were harassed by lecturers.
Unlike Boniface, an undercover journalist approached Dr Paul Kweme Butakor of Ghana, as a final-year student seeking internship placement.
Butakor wasted no time in asking the supposed students to be his girlfriend.
Universities rules forbid such a relationship between students and lecturers.
“Maybe I can be your side guy,” Butakor said, adding that he has a wife in the country.