shocking! mcdonald's temporarily closes us offices, plans layoffs

Shocking! McDonald’s temporarily closes US offices, plans layoffs

McDonald’s Corp, an American multinational fast food chain, will temporarily shut down its US (United States) offices this week as the company plans to lay off employees.

According to reports and various sources, Burger chain McDonald’s Corp informs corporate employees about the layoffs. The leading global foodservice retailer asked some of its foreign and US workers to work from home from Monday to Wednesday. 

In an internal email issued last week, the work-from-home option was given to employees to facilitate the delivery of staffing decisions virtually. 

The layoffs are part of a broader company restructuring. The company has not given information on the number of employees who will be laid off.

Reportedly, the company said that the Chicago-based company will talk about “key decisions related to roles and staffing levels across the organisation” during the week of April 3. 

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The company also asked employees to postpone any face-to-face meetings with third parties. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of McDonald’s, Chris Kempczinski, said that some jobs might either be relocated or phased out.

Earlier this year, the company said it would be reconsidering its corporate employment levels. As part of an updated business plan, the fast-food company said that it could lay off staff in some areas and might hire new employees through experience expansion. 

The company recently said that the week of April 3 can be busy due to personal travel. The American multinational fast-food chain asked employees to provide their personal contact information to their manager.

In recent months, various companies in various sectors have laid off their staff. Layoffs have become common in the tech industry. In March, Amazon, an American multinational technology company, laid off 9000 employees. 

According to Forbes, over 136,000 people lost their jobs in layoffs at various American companies over the fiscal quarter ending this week.