Somalia; Army officials opposed the extension issued statements

Somalia; Army officials opposed the extension issued statements

A high level meeting held by the opposition forces to discuss the latest developments in the country and how to keep pace with the political changes in the country.

Officials discussed concerns that the rebels could be targeted and how to restore security in Mogadishu, in line with Prime Minister Roble’s order for troops to return to their bases.

A seven-member committee of military officers opposed to Farmajo’s extension has been appointed at the meeting, which will sit with the caretaker Prime Minister Roble and all members of the Opposition.

They also came up with key points:

1. That the Roble government reverses its decision to call the anti-extension forces militias and claim to be the National Army.

2. Change the top commanders of the national army as they fought over the same troops who opposes the extension.

3. That the soldiers who refused the extension cannot be terminated from the national army and not suspend heir salaries as they have saved the nation.

4. Not to target union officials if they are present in the city and outside.

5. That the National Security Forces will remain in place and secure these neighborhoods until it becomes clear that Roble is acting in Farmajo’s mind and that he is responsible for his own decisions.

6. If the National Security Forces come under attack from Farmajo’s forces, they will have to defend themselves.

However, there appears to be renewed fighting between rival factions as the international community mediates disputed elections. The troops are opposed to Farmajo behind the scenes and demand that the troops not be branded as militias.