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Somalia: Candidates’ Union “we will not recognize Farmajo as president from today 8 February

Today is February 8, it was 4 years before President Farmajo was elected.  Today, the immunity of President Farmajo has expired and the opposition has stated that they will no longer recognize him as the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

In a press statement issued by the national candidates union stated that the candidates will now longer recognize Farmajo as president and called for the formation of a National Assembly, including the Speaker of the House in order to save the country from this critical situation. The statement said, “As of February 8, 2021, the Union Council of Candidates does not recognize Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as President of the Federal Republic of Somalia. The Council opposes an extension.”

Farmajo has ruled the country for four years and has failed to come up with a plan to hold free and fair elections, leaving his time running out of time and not yet creating a legal framework for the country.

On the other hand, the Union of Candidates warned against extending the term of the president. They say they no longer tolerate repression, and that pressure is put on them to delay the election. The union called for the Speaker to called a meeting of regional heads of states, chairs of both houses, civil society and members of the union of candidates to for consultation.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud also accused the outgoing President of putting the country in a state of uncertainty. He said: “It is an unfortunate fact that the outgoing president has put the country in a state of uncertainty that could cast a shadow over the country’s future but, Somalia has a people and a voice that can save it from difficult situations. I call for calm and common sense. “

The council called on Farmajo to uphold the rule of law and step down as his term expires.

However, it is expected that the parliament will extend the term but the opposition coalition has opposed it and will not accept it as stated in the statement.