South Africa: Coffin-Makers Under Immense Pressure

The coronavirus death toll in South Africa is at an alarming rate, the impact of the coronavirus has been felt massively in the country particularly in the coffin production sector due to the high demand of coffin which as put the sector under immense pressure.

A cost that has been putting the memorial service industry under gigantic tension, as casket creators and funeral directors fight with the unforeseen expansion sought after for memorial services, while exploring a smaller than usual emergency of creation deficiencies.

“The greatest effect we are confronted with right now is the lack as far as crude materials. It upsets creation it hampers us, it returns us on a foot,” said Kasie Pillay, a team lead at Enzo Wood Design.

Numerous individuals have taken to online media to communicate their interests about the deferral in making memorial service courses of action in view of the final resting place deficiencies.