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South Africa: President Ramaphosa Warns Wealthy countries Against Hoarding Coronavirus Vaccine

President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa has lambasted various rich countries that hoarding the coronavirus vaccine, President Ramaphosa said their actions prevent the effective distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine from getting to third world countries. President Ramaphosa further said if coronavirus vaccine were distributed immediately it would stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

A few nations have had the option to gain up to multiple times the sum required for their populace while South Africa is attempting to make sure about dosages.

The nation presently can’t seem to begin its immunization program however Ramaphosa has said it has made sure about twenty million dosages, which will be conveyed in the principal half of this current year.

“We need immunizations as fast as different nations do, that have just begun (inoculating),” Ramaphosa told the 2021 World Economic Forum.