South Africa Resorts To Military Support,Mass Public Damage

South Africa Resorts To Military Support To Curtail Mass Public Damage

The South African government has now decided to deploy troops in large numbers as riots rocked the cities after the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma. This kind of military deployment of 25000 is being said to be the largest since apartheid happened. 

At least 2000 people have been arrested since the former president was jailed and hundreds have lost their lives too. Shopping malls and public property has been vandalized as chaos reigns supreme. Deployment is also being done to prevent imminent food shortages. 

Innocent civilians are having to arm themselves to protect their families and themselves from being looted by miscreants who seem to be taking advantage of an outrage gone berserk. 

More than 200 incidents of looting and vandalism were recorded on Wednesday, the government said, as the number of troops deployed doubled to 5,000. A new number of deployed military stands at five times. 

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Reports have confirmed that wider rioting is also due to unrest amongst the populace over job layoffs and economic inequality worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic. Farming and supplies have been badly hit by the protests. Farmers are unable to send off trucks carrying produce as protestors are attacking markets, delivery vans, and everything else that looks like something to vent out frustration upon. Durban city has been worst affected. 

Looters have not been identified but could be mostly supporters of former president Zuma.

Basic amenities like petrol pumps have also been dangerous put to fire. With Zuma being jailed over corruption charges and alliance with Indian businessmen, the Indian diaspora settled in South Africa is also in danger of being pulled into the violence.

While he reluctantly surrendered after a ruling over contempt of court also rocked his reputation, his Jacob Zuma Foundation has had the gall to issue a statement delivered as a veiled threat that explained ‘Peace and stability is directly linked to the release of President Zuma’.