South Africa: Ribbons to remember COVID-19 victims

South Africa: Ribbons to remember Coronavirus victims

A church in South Africa is honouring the country’s coronavirus victims by putting out white ribbons to mark each and every death from the disease.

The fence outside St. James Presbyterian church in Johannesburg is a stark reminder of the suffering caused by the pandemic in South Africa.

“We feel honoured, because we honour the people who passed away from coronavirus. So I think it means a lot to us and to the people of South Africa,” explained Rhudzani Makuya, a church caretaker.

Every morning, the church’s caretakers walk out from the church with a bucket full of ribbons to tie them to the fence.

The fence has turned into a wall of white satin. Each ribbon represents one the almost 8,000 people killed by the virus so far.

“So we wanted a visual representation of that pain and suffering”, said Gavin Lock, the Reverend of St. James Presbyterian Church.

“And to give people a visual reminder that this is something that is real.”

More than half the coronavirus cases on the African continent, over five hundred thousands, are in South Africa.