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South Africa’s Education Minister faces criticism over Comments “Educated Man Won’t Rape”

South African Education Minister Angie Motshekga is facing serious criticism on Monday after she said “educated men did not commit rape.” This comment has led Angie to face criticism that could lead to her dismissal. She said educated men did not rape as the country was currently battling the scourge of violence against women.

The Minister of Basic Education made the remarks while addressing students at the opening of schools in Pretoria even as official statistics show that the police record at least 110 rape allegations every day in South Africa, which means that the number of rapes in the country is over limit. Motshekga, a South African lawmaker, has been described by some critics as “irresponsible” and has called for the minister to be “disciplined”, prompting some opposition figures to call for his removal.

South Africa’s main opposition Democratic Alliance says it wants the minister to “resign and apologize”. She added in a statement shared on Twitter, “These comments are completely inappropriate and careless as the widespread problem of rape in South Africa does not know social, economic and educational boundaries”.

South Africa’s opposition leader MmusiMaimane has accused the country’s minister of education “misunderstanding” of rape and gender-based violence. He said there was an urgent need for a new minister of basic education.

In a written statement following a storm of criticism on social media, the minister tried to explain herself, saying that rape was about her government’s ability to educate boys, and that her statement had been misinterpreted. She argued that her statement should not be taken wrong.