Sports: Kenya clubs head to Court today over cancelled season

Kenya Cup clubs will today go ahead with their quest to have the Judicial Committee reverse Kenya Rugby Union’s decision to cancel to 2019/20 season after last-ditch consultations fell through over the weekend.

In a stormy conference call meeting involving 10 Kenya Cup clubs and the union on Saturday, both sides failed to reach an agreement. Sources said the union proposed a working sub-committee between club officials and board members to tackle the impasse but the officials flatly turned down the proposal.

The clubs insisted that the union must first rescind the decision for any negotiations to happen.

Kenya Cup caucus chairman Xavier Makuba said all avenues have been exhausted, leaving them with just one last option, heading to the Judicial Committee.

“The appeal will have been filed on Friday but we found it necessary to listen to what the union had to say,” said Makuba.

“However, they stuck with their decision and that gives us an opportunity to seek justice at the judicial body.”

The appeal will be filed today with the clubs paying a fee of Sh10,000. The Committee will consist of rugby legend Edward Rombo, former Quins chairman and player Paul Nyamodi, Charles Hinga and Eddy Musangi.

They will deliberate for seven days before coming up with a ruling in the second week of May.

KRU canceled the season three weeks ago due to the coronavirus pandemic, annulling all results and ruling out promotion and relegation come next season.