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Springboks Beat the Best Nations, Wins Rugby World Cup

South Africa’s Springboks sealed its fourth Rugby World Cup title, beating the All Blacks 12-11 in front of 80,000 plus people packed stadium in Paris. It now reigns as the second team in history to have won back-to-back World Cups.

Springboks’ attention to detail and not letting the rain get in the way brought the team to glory and the nature of how they played. Matt Dawson, BBC Sports columnist, lauded South Africa saying it won the World Cup by beating the best nations.

He said it was truly remarkable. “To get out of a difficult pool, which included Ireland and Scotland, and then defeat hosts France in the quarter-final, England in the semi-final, and New Zealand in the final, is some achievement.”

Springboks Best Deliverance

Siya Kolisi and Du Toit delivered a performance in defense, put out New Zealand’s flames for good. It was an edge game with blistering line speed, optimum focus and like the commentators described it – astounding precision.

South Africa took advantage in the first half following a red card to New Zealand’s captain Sam Cane for a high tackle. But the All Blacks was all hands in, and gave a tough fight just a point away. Things got tough for the Springboks when Cheslin Kolbe was sent to the sin bin for a deliberate knock-on. This was near the final whistle, and South Africa was feeling all the pressure.

Nonetheless, Springboks didn’t collapse. In fact, it took the challenge straight on and took home the World Cup.

Dawson believes the Springboks unwavering desire to push the limits led them to victory. “The detail of the coaching staff around the pitch during the game, analyzing everything, is NFL-like. It’s like a designated team to watch what the opposition is doing and to get the message on to say ‘jump here’, or ‘run this call’.”

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Springboks Reigns 

The South African team once again showed the world that it doesn’t give in to pressure, but claims victory over it. It defies weather, time and the situation. Dawson says the Springboks have that steely, selfish attitude that is needed to win at the very highest level. “Maybe some of those traits are not widely adored, but they don’t seem to care about that. They love their nation, their team-mates and their families, but my god do they want to win.”

Springboks remain unbeaten in Rugby World Cup finals.