“Striking Doctors To Be Fired & Blacklisted, No Re-Hiring” – Govt

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:15 pm

Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services, Dr Energy Mutodi has said that the striking doctors risk being retrenched.

He said that once they have been dismissed, they will also be blacklisted so that they are unemployable elsewhere.

Posting on Twitter, Mutodi said:

Striking doctors can be rest assured that once dismissed there will be no re-hiring. No one is above the law no-matter the profession & if the court says go back to work you must comply. Gvt will also blacklist the money mongering doctors so they are not employable elsewhere.

His remarks come when the healthcare providers’ industrial action which started on the 3rd of September this year is still ongoing.

The government and workers have so far failed to agree on the best way forward with workers rejecting all the offers by the government saying that they were very insignificant in this inflationary economy.

Workers who have declared incapacitation to execute their duties and responsibilities have also defied orders by the government and courts who had said that negotiations can proceed whilst doctors are saving lives in medical institutions.