Sudan disbands ex-ruling party, abolishes Public Order Act

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:11 pm

Sudan’s transitional government has abolished a law criminalizing immoral conduct and indecent clothing that rights groups criticize as targeting women and say is a holdover from the three-decade rule of toppled autocrat Omar al-Bashir.
Sudan’s sovereign council and cabinet announced early Friday that they would overturn the notorious Public Order Act, and also order the dissolving of al-Bashir’s National Congress Party.
Pro-democracy groups in the country have held fresh protests demanding the former ruling party’s disbandment.
The sovereign council grew out of a power-sharing agreement between the country’s ruling generals and protesters demanding sweeping political change. It includes both military and civilian members.
Women played an important role in the mass protests that led to al-Bashir’s overthrow in April. The transitional government includes Sudan’s first female foreign minister, Asmaa Abdallah.