Sudan floods

Sudan flash floods kill seven, 2 injured – SUNA news agency

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:27 pm

The rainy season is well underway in Sudan and the intensity of the downpours have led to flash floods that have claimed seven lives and left two others injured, the state-owned SUNA news agency reported on Tuesday, August 13.
“Seven people died and two others were injured in different parts of Al Jazirah State, while a dozen villages were affected by floods due to heavy rains that led to the collapse of a number of houses,” the report said.
The oldest casualty was a 43-year-old woman whiles the remaining victims included a teenager and children between eight and 12 years old.
Six of them died in the 15th district of Rifa’a, while the seventh died in the village of Zarqa Umm Said, one of ten villages affected by floods that lasted from Monday night till Tuesday morning.
The AFP news agency adds that the rains have been pouring in the last few days and had submerged hundreds of homes in the capital Khartoum.
Governor of the state, Maj Gen Ahmed Hanan Ahmed Subair, led a delegation that visited homes of the affected persons. He assured that measures will be put in place to curb any further incidents.
He is reported to have given assurances on the provision of vital health services and materials to the affected areas. He also promised to deal with power outages which were occasioned by the rains.
Al Jazirah is one of the 18 states of Sudan. The state lies between the Blue Nile and the White Nile in the east-central region of the country. Its capital is Wad Madani.
It has an estimated population of 4.9 million and is home to club sides like Al-Ittihad and Jazeerat Al-Feel. The name comes from the Arabic word for island.
All states in Sudan are currently under the supervision of military generals who were appointed after ousted president Omar al-Bashir suspended the consitution in the heat of the revolution that eventually toppled him.
Protesters and the military junta that took over recently agreed a three-year transition deal that will see the country return to democracy. A final ceremony is expected to be signed to officialize the deal.