Human Right

Sudanese women Complains about slow progress on rights

Sudanese women played a vital role in the move leading to the fall of Omar al-Bashir in 2019.

But women activists in Sudan say there’s slow progress for their rights since the fall of Bashir.

According to these activists, the representation of women at higher decision-making bodies is below 22 percent, adding this representation is repulsed by feminist opposition groups.

“If the women had better representation, they would have had more voices to defend their cause, but this did not happen”, Zeineb Badreddine said.

“Personal Status Law of 1991 causes thousands of women to suffer in Sudan’‘, Sudanese activist, Inaam Atiq said.

Atiq is however optimistic for Sudanese women as the battle for equal rights in the East Africa nation continues.

‘‘We need immediate measures, and I think the Department of Justice and the government understand the situation, and I remain optimistic about the possibility of taking steps in the right direction”, she added.